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The East Midlands Regional Assembly has met for the last time before being abolished.

The assembly, which had its final meeting on Friday, includes MEPs, business representatives, and local politicians nominated from councils.

It was launched in Leicester in 1998, but is now being scrapped along with seven other assemblies in England. BBC

  • EMC phone lines are currently down
    EMC is currently experiencing difficulty with its phone lines. The problem has been reported to our phone provider who is working on getting this fixed. In the meantime please contact EMC staff by email or via mobile phone. We hope to have the problem resolved by Monday.
  • Midland Mainline Electrification: EMC outlines concerns to Secretary of State
    Following last week’s announcement by Government that electrification of the Midland Mainline will be ‘paused’, EMC and partners have drafted a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport expressing disappointment at the decision and are looking for an early meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss how this...
  • Essential Rail Investment at Risk: Leaders seek urgent meeting with Secretary of State
    The electrification of the Midland Mainline – described by Network Rail as ‘critical to delivering a reliable and sustainable railway and tackling overcrowding’ has been ‘paused’ by the Government pending a review of Network Rail’s investment programme. The Secretary of State for Transport Patrick...
  • Essential Rail Investment at Risk: Government announcement due today
    The electrification of the Midland Mainline – described by Network Rail as ‘critical to delivering a reliable and sustainable railway and tackling overcrowding’ – is reported to be at risk from a Network Rail funding gap caused by soaring costs from projects in other parts of the country. The Midland Mainline runs...
  • HS2 East - Realising the Full Promise of HS2
    HS2 East has published a summary document which was launched at an event in Leeds last week attended by EMC Chairman Jon Collins, along with the Chairs of D2N2 and Leicester and Leicestershire LEPs, where Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin confirmed that the full 'Y Network' - including the Eastern Leg of HS2 - will be built...
  • Trade Union Pay Claim for 2016-17 - Local Government Services (Green Book)
    Trade Unions for the Local Government Services (Green Book) NJC have formally tabled a pay claim for 2016/17.  The National Employers have acknowledged receipt of the claim and a further response is unlikely in the near future. East Midlands Councils and other Regional Employers’ Organisations are in discussions with the...
  • EMC welcomes Government commitment to build HS2 Eastern Leg
    In his first major speech since his reappointment as Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin has confirmed at an event in Leeds attended by EMC Chairman Cllr Jon Collins, that the full ‘Y Network’, including the Eastern Leg of HS2 will be built. The Eastern Leg of HS2 will connect with the London-West Midlands route to the...
  • General and Local Election 2015 Results East Midlands
    The UK General Election was fought across all 46 Parliamentary Constituencies in the East Midlands on 7 May 2015. Previously the Conservatives held 30 of these seats, and Labour 16. Following the change of seats in Corby and Derby North the Conservatives now hold 32 seats and Labour 14. The full list of the 2015 […]
  • Chief Executive Pay Agreement 2015-16
    25th March 2015 - The LGA have informed us that agreement has today been reached on Chief Executives’ pay for 2014-16.
  • East Midlands Councils 2015-16 Councillor Development Programme
    East Midlands Councils has launched its Councillor Development Programme for 2015-16, which will start in May 2015 with its annual event for Civic Heads on 27 May. The EMC Councillor Development Programme provides member councils in the East Midlands with a comprehensive, value for money range of development opportunities, designed to support...